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Visual identity for NGO Actual Woman

Visual Identity for Kharkiv NGO engaged in the development of the women’s movement and the development of gender culture in Eastern Ukraine




The fourth wave of feminism, which includes such social movements as the Women’s March, #MeeToo and others, has reached Ukraine. A modern (actual) woman has become the main character, the heroine, a person who makes decision.


The main idea behind the logo is making the first letter of the word “ЖІНКА”, which means”WOMAN” in Ukrainian and making in the main heroine – a figure of the modern woman. She is standing firmly on her feet, taking the ground, taking the stage and holding her hands high and wide – the position that speaks about openness, positivity, energy, determination, independence, confidence… It is a flower that blossomed in the warm reys of feminism.



The logo can be used for creating different meaningful compositions, for example:



A modern woman,
who breaks through a glass ceiling



A modern woman,
who conquers new peacks



A modern woman,
who speaks out loud about her values and intentions 



A modern woman,
who inspires others






Slogan declares three main values that are promoted by organisation: equality, development and cooperation. A separate sign was designed for each word that are build by the same principles as the main logo – using fat lines with round ending





Visual Identity Guide was created in a format of Google Slides presentation, which includes interactive links to all files that are collected in the folder catalog on Google Drive




Printed version of Visual Identity Guide





Visual Identity Guide includes stationary design, print and promo materials








Souvenir-holder for paper notes in a shape of logo








A video explaining why modern women need feminism

Polina Makarova