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Visual identity for
media hackathon Nasnaga

which took place in Kharkiv and was aimed at presenting and developing new media projects in the city












The word “NASNAGA” in Ukrainian means “inspiration”, “inhale” and “excitement”. The name reflects the purpose of this media hackathon – to inspire specialists who have ideas and want to launch their own startup in media sphere.

“NASNAGA” Media hackathon is an opportunity for activists who want to use media technologies to create new cultural products and initiatives. So, metaphorically speaking it is supposed to “give wings” to participants.




Another metaphor is used to show purpose and process of hackathon: to gather specialists in one time and place so that they work together and generate ideas, develop products or strategies. All this is showed in form of white feathers that fly around from the intensity of process.


The wing of the logo also depicts development and movement: from little black element, through green to bright yellow that shines with positive energy.




Polina Makarova