organic* graphic design

* according to Oxford Dictionary, organic means: «...characterized
by a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole,
or: characterized by gradual or natural development...»

we create & design for:

Cultural and social projects, small and medium-sized enterprises in spheres of organic production and ecological activism

we promote values:

In our work we follow professional ethics, promote social values, such as gender, age and racial equality and engage in all kinds of inclusive projects

we work internationally:

We have experience of working with clients from all around the world, namely from: Sweden, Austria, Finland, USA, Canada and Brazil

we promote culture:

We create graphic design with care and knowledge of visual culture. We engage in all kinds of projects and activities aimed at preserving and developing culture

we conduct research:

We research graphic design as an instrument of social change in a context of modern philosophy, psychology, linguistics and media studies

we engage in education:

ur team consists of highly educated graphic designers: two of them have a PhD in graphic design and one has a master degree in media communications

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our projects

our thoughts

on being independent

as self-identification on five multiscale levels: independence in terms of graphic design, being independent as a person, as an institute, as a city and as a country…

a short film about two of us…

Anna Makarova and Olga Kvitka are twins. They bouth teach graphic design in Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts. In this film they talk about their relationship, work, students and show glimpses of their lives

our friends

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Polina Makarova
Anna Makarova
Igor Makarova
Olga Makarova